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This is the story of our award winning digital marketing agency Mornington Peninsula on a journey to becoming the go-to website design and SEO provider to local businesses.

eBusiness Institute Award For

Website Design, SEO and Website Redesign

Creative Minds Webdesign is a digital marketing agency Mornington Peninsula that offers custom website design services, white hat SEO and an innovative website redesign for breathing new life into outdated sites. We specialise in small business website design, its medium counterpart and provide high quality corporate website design to large enterprises.

SEO Specialists Mornington Peninsula

Our Mornington Peninsula web design agency has a team of highly skilled, dedicated and experienced website designers and SEO marketing experts who can turn any website into a lead generation powerhouse.

Long Term Business Growth

Thanks to our shared vision, we can deliver fantastic results without a hitch and lead each client on the road to long term success. Working with us means having the wind at your back necessary for establishing a strong online presence and reaching your ultimate goals and objectives.

Website Designers and SEO Specialists with a Vision

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Our Story

Our digital marketing agency Mornington Peninsula started as a small business offering website design for local organisations. Founded by Iliyana Guberova, our online marketing guru, it began with a vision to help local businesses on the Mornington Peninsula and South East Melbourne establish a strong online presence and grow organically.

Thanks to her passion for digital marketing and SEO, undying motivation and brilliant website design skills, she soon turned our agency into a web design superstar.

As the client base grew, so did our company. Iliyana assembled a small but mighty team of website designers, website developers, SEO specialists, graphic designers, content writers, techies and many other experts who helped shape Creative Minds Webdesign into the company it is today.

Our team keeps expanding, thanks to all the clients who put their trust in us and allow us to empower them and fuel their business growth.

Our Mission

Help local businesses get the exposure they deserve, establish a powerful online presence and become an authority in their niche.

We do this through top-notch website design and development and expert search engine optimisation.

We create stunning, personalised, user-friendly and responsive websites that create excellent first impressions. With our expert SEO services, we make sure they get higher SERP rankings, attract the right audience and drive organic traffic.

We understand how overwhelming it can be to start from scratch, build a client base and compel customers to keep coming back. We’ve been there.

That’s why we want to remove the stress out of the equation and help you achieve your goals faster and without breaking the bank.

Our professional website design and SEO services can fit anyone’s budget, be it a small business that’s just starting out or a large corporation seeking a website design/redesign or a long overdue SEO boost.

Trust, honesty, transparency and integrity are the core values that guide us in everything we do. Deeply ingrained in our company’s culture, they help us forge strong relationships and bring every client’s vision to life.

We believe that a personal touch and positive attitude can make a world of difference, which is why we infuse them into every effort and project.

Most importantly, we always go the extra mile to exceed clients’ expectations. We want your website to tick all your boxes and become the one-stop-shop that your customers will love. We find nothing more rewarding than seeing your business climb to the top.

Our Qualifications

Working with us means having certified Mornington Peninsula website designers in your corner, all robustly trained, highly skilled and capable of creating impressive designs that people can’t help but fall in love with.
Our team members have received personal training from Matt and Liz Raad, Australian leading digital marketing experts at eBusiness Institute.

Our digital training included designing and building WordPress business websites including: 

Webmaster Competencies including

Domain and Hosting Setup
Domain and Hosting Management
cPanel Management
Wordpress Setup

Search Engine Optimisation

Keyword and Competition Research
On Page and Off Page SEO
SEO Audit

Ebusiness Institute Webdesign certificate
Ebusiness Institute SEO and UX website design certificate

But we didn’t stop there. We keep honing our skills to maximise our potential, so that we can continue providing our clients with real value.

We believe that learning is a never ending journey. There is always room for improvement, especially in the digital marketing and website design arena, where change is the only constant. With new trends popping up almost every day and Google updating its ranking algorithm, perfecting skills through frequent digital training is at the top of our priority list.

Ready to Grow Your Business with Our Digital Marketing Agency Mornington Peninsula?

Our digital marketing agency Mornington Peninsula can help you get your business off the ground and springboard it to success. With a sophisticated website and an effective SEO marketing strategy, nothing will stand in your way to accomplishing all your goals!

You can rely on us to design a splendid, fully functional and mobile friendly website that search engines and your customers will love. No matter your business needs and project requirements, we can realise your vision in no time and help you drive eager customers to your door.

Let us help you reach the success you deserve!

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